A Type 1 Diabetic Urges Others To Take the Corona Virus Seriously

A 39 year-old Type 1 Diabetic named Justin Wilhite from Rancho Cordova, California started experiencing symptoms on March 4 that corresponds with the Corona Virus (COVID-19).  He has taken to Twitter, warning people to take the coronavirus pandemic more seriously.

Wilhite states that he went to the Emergency Room after experiencing difficulty breathing and nearly passing out. The hospital treated him for the flu and was unaware of his corona virus status due to lack of testing. He was prescribed TamiFlu, Motrin, and an inhaler but symptoms progressively worsened and he went back in.

He is currently at home quarantining with family. His doctor prescribed him Prednisone for lung breathing treatment. He has been told to come back into the Emergency Room if things worsen. Wilhite’s O2 states are at 100%, but the next few days he exclaims will be tough. He states that if he drops below 90% he needs oxygen, 85% intubated, and at that point it becomes scary.

Wilhite warns other to take this seriously. He considers himself a healthy individual despite having Type 1 Diabetes.

“This is no flu. The flu is it’s own thing. This feels SO much different than a flu. I just have lung pain and a headache. Others have it different depending on how well their body fights it, health, smoking, age”

Even though he wasn’t given a test at the hospital, Jusin Wilhite and doctor believe he has coronavirus.


Wilhite shares his timeline on Twitter:

March 4:

I began getting a headache and I could feel my lungs, which is weird. But everything is blooming so I chalked it up to allergies. My breathing became progressively more labored and began to hurt

March 13:

I went to the ER because I nearly passed out for no apparent reason. By that point it hurt to breath. I mean inhale and exhale. To go along with this freaking headache, it’s uncomfortable

They treated me for the flu, gave me Tamiflu, some Motrin, an inhaler, and sent me home. They said if I felt worse to come back, so I came back

March 16:

Today it hurts to breath so much. Walking to the bathroom is like running a marathon. The headache doesn’t got away which blows dead bear

Don’t think chest pain like a heart attack or flu. This isn’t the flu. We all pretty much know the flu. Think deeper, think lung pain. It’s hard to visualize but think when you breathe cold air and that “pain” before your lungs warm back up. Kinda like that I guess

The Mortrin made me feel WORSE! The inhaler makes my lungs hurt WORSE! With the inhaler, think of you cut yourself and applied alcohol to the wound. It’s kinda like that. Applying medicine to a wound.

My lungs are angry so the inhaler is opening them up so they hurt more. Today they gave me some Prednisone to help my lungs out. That’s the worst part. The constant lung pain. So hopefully the inflammation goes away with that

Now I’m home and “quarantining” with my family. If I feel worse I need to go back. So far my vitals are great. O2 is 100% but the next few days can really kick my ass. If I drop bellow 90% I get oxygen, 85% I get intubated, and at that point it becomes scary

**If you are experiencing symptoms – stay home, call your doctor, and seek medical attention if necessary.

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