We Can Hear You

The Corona Virus has been spreading fast and the media has created a lot of hype and panic.

And for most people this pandemic can be frustrating.

The majority of us could be out of work, home for weeks, and with little to no entertainment.

And we hear: “But it’s just another flu”

“It only affects elderly and people with compromised immune systems”

While this may be reliving to most,

to those who have to take extra care of themselves due to health conditions, even a slight cold can be troublesome.



Now having to imagine contracting a new virus and having no immunity to it, can be quite frightening.

It’s not just about the severity of the virus, our bodies will fight like hell.

But it’s how the virus can impact our conditions negatively that can be life-threatening.

There’s not telling how my chronic illness will react,

whether or not I’ll need medical assistance,

and I honestly don’t want to find out.

So if you’re sick, stay at home.

The trip can wait,

The meeting can wait,

The plans can wait,

and it may seem blown out of proportion that everything is coming to a halt.


corona virus


But with good reason,

all of us have to work together to protect others and their loved ones.

If you’re healthy, that’s a blessing.

But please be mindful of those who fight for their health everyday.

Just a friendly reminder that immunocompromised people can hear you.

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